Often we are inclined to ignore or neglect the indispensable steps to make sure that our locks are secure. If you have just purchased a previously owned house one of the initial things that you should do is protected your door locks. You not at all can be excessively cautious about this when purchasing a new residence. I can personally recall walking into our new residence to discover a stranger in the living room who had been given a key by a previous owner. Locksmith White Plains is the best choice for re-keying of your locks.

When moving into a new residence the first order of business should be rekeying the locks. Next you will want to have the code for your residential security system changed. Some systems come with instructions that will allow you to adapt the code without the required for a specialized to visit the home. Numerous of the older security systems are hard coded to a particular security code. You will require getting this efficient soon after moving in to make sure the safety of your residence and family.