Locksmiths are currently using a wide range of locking systems in which both basic and electronic configuration-based locks are included. In the basic locking, category locksmith includes manual locks within it mainly which mainly contain, padlocks, deadbolt locks, and pin tumbler locks, these three types of locks are also called the basic form of locking. Manual locks are generally considered as the traditional concept of locking but this doesn’t mean that locksmith use the same locks of traditional types as they use those who went through various stages of modifications and up-gradation and within this padlocking and pin tumbler locks hold the topmost position. Such locks are the oldest but after getting through various up-gradation locksmiths still prefer to use them. Locksmith Toronto uses such locks mainly within residential places and suggestions of using such locks are given to those who can’t afford premium locking. Although manual locks are considered basic but regarding their functionality such locks are the best for handling security.