Locksmiths are generally active in various kinds of areas in which security-based complications are at a different level. Locksmiths are available within public-based areas, in government-specified areas, and also within the defense sector. In public areas, they mainly cover three sub-sectors which are the residential sector commercial sector and automotive sector, and each of these sectors holds its uniqueness and importance. Locksmiths are highly trained in different conditionsto make such areas secure. Locksmith Bronx NY is the name that came at the front in the majority of times when it comes to security handling and they do it by using highly advanced techniques and security components. Today the majority of locks that locksmiths are using are generally made up of smart technology-based systems and generally, such types of locks are recognized as the smart locking systems highest in demand mainly within the commercial specified areas. Locksmiths are trying to shift themselves from manual-based locking to electronic configuration-based locking systems.